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  • 02/14/2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 02/17/2020
  • 3:00 PM
  • 17450 Old Pacific HWY #7 Rockaway Beach OR 97136


  • Friday PM through Monday AM attendance, 3 nights lodging (FRI, SAT & SUN) & nine meals
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX
  • Friday PM through Monday AM attendance & nine meals (no lodging included).
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX
  • 2-day Attendance (SAT & SUN), 1 night lodging (SAT) and 6 meals.
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX
  • 2-day Attendance (SAT & SUN) and 6 meals (no lodging included).
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX
  • 1-day Attendance (SATURDAY), no lodging and 3 meals.
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX
  • 1-day Attendance (SUNDAY), no lodging and 3 meals.
    *Add $25 for Round Trip Shuttle Service to/from PDX

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Making Waves in Education

February 14-17, 2020
Camp Magruder - Rockaway, OR

2020 Residential Outdoor Environmental Education (ROEE) Conference

This year’s ROEE conference is hosted by the NW Outdoor Science School, a program of the Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD).  The conference will take place from February 14th – 17th at Camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  Camp Magruder is one of the sites rented every fall and spring by the NW Outdoor Science School to run outdoor school programming for sixth-graders. 

Philosophy of the Residential Outdoor Environmental Education Conference

ROEE was founded as a network of passionate educators who are committed to the stewardship and sustainability of residential outdoor environmental education.  We are catalysts for professional and program development through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices.  ROEE was founded on the following premises:

1. There is a need for an annual conference to be held at a residential Outdoor Education facility to facilitate growth and the exchange of ideas among outdoor educators in the field of Environmental / Outdoor Education.

2. The program staff, site managers, field instructors and teachers of Residential Outdoor Environmental Education programs can benefit through the mutual exchange of ideas, practices and program curriculum.

3. The similarity of programs/objectives among the Residential Outdoor Environmental Education programs in the western, southwestern, mid-west and northwest United States and Canadian provinces engenders mutual perceptions of goals, curricula and practices among staff.

4. Other professional organizations/groups that exist have not always provided the opportunity for practical support, sharing and exchange of ideas, which the ROEE conference can provide.

5. Practitioners, rather than theoreticians, shall be the primarily targeted group of participants for the ROEE conferences.

Highlights of ROEE Conferences include many workshops and seminars that focus on issues specific to residential outdoor school programs.  Roundtable and open space discussions are incorporated into the conference.  Showcase displays of the various programs in attendance are encouraged.  Most of our time will be spent learning from our peer presentations, either inside or outside, through in-camp sessions and some off-site sessions.  Evenings are dedicated to campfire, auctions, songs & skits, live music, and other fun activities.

Auction:  The ROEE auction has become one of the highlights of these conferences.  Participants are asked to bring items from your area and/or program (local artwork; special beverages: wine, beer, soda; local foods; clothing; program-related items; etc.) to be auctioned off during the conference.  The proceeds from the auction are turned over to the next year’s conference host as “seed money.”  There will be live and silent auctions over the course of the conference. Payment is due at breakfast on Monday or prior to departure. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted.

Transportation:  We will be running a shuttle from the Portland International Airport (PDX) to the conference.  We will also be able to pick people up at hotels in Portland, for those who arrive on Thursday.  Shuttles schedules for departure from the airport will be available as the conference gets closer.  Shuttle service will also be provided on Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning for those returning to the Portland International Airport.  If you register for this option, please contact us ahead of time to arrange your travel plans.

Note on flight times – If flying to/from PDX to attend the conference, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you find flights that land at PDX by noon on February 14th and that depart no earlier than 11:00 AM on February 17th.  Rush hour traffic in the Portland area can cause travel time between PDX and Camp Magruder to be over two-and-a-half hours.  In order to get everyone to Camp Magruder on February 14th in time to register and eat dinner, our shuttles need to depart Portland by 3:00 PM that day.  On February 17th, PDX departures in early morning will result in having to depart Camp Magruder at 2:00 – 3:00 AM – not fun for anyone, especially shuttle drivers.

Workshop proposals are invited!  We learn best and provide the highest quality to our students when we share with each other.  Workshops should be approximately 75 minutes in length.  If you have a workshop that you’d like to run at the conference, please email Lauriel Amoroso at for more information.

Open Space:  One day during the conference, we will do a mini version of “Open Space Technology”.  This is a way of conducting conferences without predetermined agendas, speakers or presentations.  Each person involved has the opportunity to initiate a discussion topic or activity during Open Space.   This is a chance for you to be sure there is a workshop/session that interests you.  One of the most unusual things about this format is its basis on “the Law of Two Feet,” meaning if you find yourself in a discussion where you aren’t learning or contributing in some way, you can move to a different discussion. 

Please put some thought into what you want from this conference and bring your ideas for discussion and sharing, both during planned workshops and during the Open Space session.  Most importantly, bring your passion for Residential Outdoor Environmental Education!

Accommodations at Camp Magruder are in shared cabins.  You will need to bring your own bedding and pillow, toiletries and towels, flip-flops for the shower, flashlight/headlamp, and all of your usual cold/wet weather outdoor clothing and footwear.  The following on-site lodging options are available:

STANDARD CABINS  All standard lodges have bunk beds, heat, lights, bathrooms, showers, a central meeting space, and kitchens or hospitality counters. 

  • Beutler Lodge – 2 bunk rooms with 12 beds per room
  • Bunch Lodge – 4 bunk rooms – 2 with 6 beds per room, and 2 with 10 beds per room
RUSTIC CABINS All rustic cabins have bunk beds, heat, lights and electrical outlets.  A central bath house is a short walk away.
  • Abrams Cabin – 2 bunk rooms with 9 beds per room
  • Collins Cabin – 2 bunk rooms with 9 beds per room
  • Pines Cabin – 2 bunk rooms with 9 beds per room

Off-site lodging is available in Rockaway Beach and in many other nearby coastal towns.  Off-site lodging options include hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and short-term vacation rentals.  If you wish to stay off-site, we may be able to provide transportation between Camp Magruder and your lodging choice, if you stay fairly near to the camp.

Camp Magruder is located on the Pacific Ocean just south of the town of Rockaway Beach.  Camp Magruder features a pristine stretch of ocean and beach, multiple lodges and rustic cabins, a large dining hall with beautiful wood interior, wetlands with interpretive trail and raised viewing platforms, an abundance of trees and forested areas, and the large and beautiful Smith Lake.  This beautiful site provides many wonderful field study areas in which to learn about the natural world.  Magruder's food is nutritious and delicious, including homemade breads and soups, fresh produce, and alternatives for vegetarians and vegans.  The food service staff can also cater to special dietary needs.

The Northwest Outdoor Science School, a program of the NW Regional Education Service District (NWRESD), has served approximately 200,000 students from Oregon (primarily sixth-graders) since its inception fifty years ago. In addition, tens of thousands of high school and college students have volunteered in that time to be Student Leaders. The Student Leaders serve as the primary leaders, teachers and role models for the younger students. Northwest Outdoor Science School contributes to the development of environmental literacy and responsible citizenship, provides hands-on learning experiences that are integrated with local school curricula, and promotes learning about, and appreciation for, the natural world.  The curriculum of the Northwest Outdoor Science School includes lessons on ecology, botany, zoology, earth sciences, hydrology, estuary life, geology, and marine life. Students also experience social growth via participating in cabin time activities, camp duties, recreation times, campfire activities, night hikes and more.  NW Outdoor Science School operates 4 or 5 sites each fall and spring in NW Oregon.

Conference Package Options

  • Full with lodging: Friday PM through Monday AM attendance, 3 nights lodging (FRI, SAT & SUN) & nine meals $250*
  • Full without lodging: Friday PM through Monday AM attendance & nine meals (no lodging included) $175*
  • Two-Day with lodging: 2-day Attendance (SAT & SUN), 1 night lodging (SAT) and 6 meals $175*
  • Two-Day without lodging: 2-day Attendance (SAT & SUN) and 6 meals (no lodging included) $175* 
  • Saturday Only: 1-Day (Saturday), no lodging and 3 meals $80* 
  • Sunday Only: 1-Day (Sunday), no lodging and 3 meals $80* 
  • *SHUTTLE SERVICE Add $25 Round Trip shuttle service from Portland International Airport

Full fees are due by January 24th, 2020. 

After this deadline there will be a $25 late registration fee. 

Cancellations before January 30th, 2020 will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee. 

All cancellations after January 30th, 2020 will not receive any refund.

Workshop Proposals fill out this out form ROEE Workshop Proposal Form

For more information Contact:  Lauriel "Sunshine" Amoroso

(503) 614-1461


Register online here then mail in check payment or call in Credit Card payment to 503-614-1402. Email inquiries to 

*Note to NWRESD Employees:  *NWRESD Employees: please register though ODS staff by contacting or call 503-614-1402 and follow all NWRESD policies and processes; secure funding BEFORE registering for any training or event. 

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