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to develop and sustain a viable, innovative and regional approach to education service provisions that both responds to our economic environment and delivers  on the fundamental  promises  of the  education  service  district concept: to reduce redundancy and cost; to enhance education services; to support program equity across school districts; and, to support key educational transitions (from pre‐school programs to elementary schools, and from high school to college or the workforce).


of Columbia Gorge ESD, Multnomah ESD, Northwest Regional ESD and Willamette ESD, the Cascade Education Alliance directly impacts 53 school districts, indirectly benefitting approximately 50% of the K‐12 students in Oregon.

The four ESDs will make all of their education services available to any school district in their combined service area enabling school districts to access the local service plans of all four ESDs, to contact them directly to arrange for services, and to use resolution funds to purchase them (subject to pre‐existing agreements within the individual ESDs).

The respective Technology, Fiscal, Human Resources, Special Education and School Improvement Departments of each agency are working collaboratively to develop education service models in each area; and, to develop intergovernmental agreements and guidelines and rules of operation; and, each area of service of the Cascade Education Alliance is purposed to achieve cost savings, increase operational flexibility, improve customer service, increase focus on core competencies, effectively deliver on strategic objectives, and increase service availability for education services to our component districts.


Contact Us

Columbia Gorge Education Service District = CEA East

400 East Scenic Drive, Suite 207

The Dalles, OR 97058

Phone: 541-506-2240

Multnomah Education Service District  - CEA North

11611 Northeast Ainsworth Circle

Portland, OR 97220

Phone: 503-255-1841

FAX: 503-257-1519

Northwest Regional Education Service District - CEA West

5825 NE Ray Circle

Hillsboro, OR 97124

Phone: 503-614-1428

FAX: 503-614-1440

Willamette Education Service District - CEA South

2611 Pringle Road

SE Salem, OR 97302

Phone: 503-588-5330

FAX: 503-363-5787



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